Technical improvements installation

Outdoor electronics…

P8210108Last week we made new improvements to the installation. We have gone somewhat high-tech! Since the trees depend on constant irrigation, we need to be absolutely sure the irrigation system works. So we added two features, the ‘computer’ now automatically sends an sms if eighter the sprinkler fails (using raindrop sensor) or the water tank is running empty.

Apart from that we are now logging (=measuring and writing to memory card) the temperature, humidity and amount of light. This information we can use to relate to for example growth rates of the tree. For example, one can expect to measure more growth if there is more sunny weather.

And to make it a real gadget, people can now put an App on their mobile to load all these data and see them on their smartphone.

All this was mostly the work of Bernard, our electronics and programming expert, thanks for that again Bernard. I think he needs a holiday after this….