Rootsystem exposed at Museonder!

DSCN6274    This Monday we visited the ‘Museonder’ museum in Arnhem, next to the famous Kröller- Möller art museum. This museum focusses on everything happening underground.
P9220155As one can see in the picture, they hung a rootsystem under their roof. It supposedly was a world premier to expose an intact root system. We are talking 1992.  The director of the museum integrated the root into the architecture of the building.  This meant the roof was built after installing the root. The man organising the whole technical part, the excavation and the suspension, was Evert Arendsen, the now pensioned former head of the forest maintenance. Museonder is located in the biggest National Park in the Netherlands.

Evert shared with us the stories and technicalities, also he showed us his extensive documentation of the project. I made pictures of his pictures. As one can see, thay first dug a trench around the tree, then used 1800m3 of water to rinse of all the sand and earth. The trench slowly filled itself after which a machine took out the mud and they would continue.

Great to learn from this project!