Trees coming of the ground

P5080063 P5080058Today Susan, Wessel and I (Daan) visited the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein to talk and to see how things are advancing. And we were surprised by a number of hanging trees and ‘branches’ (I don’t know the exact word)! The trees were already hanging for a week and seem to be doing fine. The species is sycamore. A species often used in urban landscaping. Supposedly quite resilient too.

The water is being sprayed 24/7 by a pump that takes water out of the ground and that is where the water goes back almost right away. There is a possibilty to add nutrients to the water, but they were not really set for that yet.

It was great to meet so much enthousiasm from the people at Van Hall/ Larenstein! Also great to see things are actually moving now! Trees are actually hanging! A little sens of pride and accomplishment.