Do new discoveries on rootsystem lead to post-darwinism?

Darwinism, survival of the fittest, nature as a  competition. This view on nature has strongly influenced  our thinking. Also our political thinking,especially  Fascists liked to use the view of a ruthless nature as an  argument for ruthless measurements.

Trees also take part in a competition, especially the  struggle for light. Above the ground such is very obvious.  What is interesting, there seems to be increasing evidence  that under the ground things work entirely different. Trees  help other trees, especially family, as we can view in the attached  documentary.
A paradigm shift? Maybe. And if so, potentially one that  might shift our ideas on how to organize society as well.

Another interesting aspect of this documentary is the  relatively novel discovery on how trees and plants  communicate. A forest in this way becomes more of a  networked ecosystem that is in constant communication  through chemical signals. Almost a super-organism with  different trees and plants as it’s different organs.